Talent Management

I can still vividly remember my first day at my first job says:  “ Thea Green” founder and CEO of Nails Inc. I’d managed to secure work experience at Tatler and I was focused to make a good first impression. It was immediate challenge but one I relished. Eventually I was offered a permanent role but I’ve never forgotten the feeling of hoping someone would recognize how hard I was working and give me a chance.
That’s why when I launched my first Nail Inc bar, I knew I wanted to put recruitment of young people at the heart of my business. Today, our fast growing international business serves more than 10,000 customers a week. That isn’t possible without enthusiastic, passionate and motivated workforce.
My policy is to recruit from a broad background and consider young people from the broadest range of academic achievements. We’ve found that the individual’s outlook and commitment to the company is important. Once you’ve found them, invest in them so they grow their career with you.
But finding the right people can be challenging. Young people are struggling to find employment, and there is a disconnect between their knowledge and the skills that a business needs.
 Often we’ve found that young people don’t have basic skills, from timekeeping and the dress code to knowing how to interact with customers. We’ve also encountered issues with self-confidence. Young people aren’t immune to the constant message that finding and keeping a job is hard and that they might not be prepared. That’s why businesses should encourage and nurture talent. If recruits are confident you trust and need them, they will flourish.
I believe we all have responsibility to help, which is why this year I became an ambassador for lifeskills , a programme created by Barclayswith education professionals to bring together schools, businesses and young people.
One element of the programme I believe in passionately is work experience. Indeed, business can learn as much from having a young person join them as that young person does. From a business perspective you can learn how to manage a young person at entry level. The skills they have could support your growth in the years to come. I’ve hired some of our work experience candidates on a permanent basis and many have gone on to be some of my brightest and best managers. However, business leaders must planto ensure they get the best out of their placements. Think about management, there should be a dedicated person in your team that has the responsibility of delegating tasks and providing feedback. Have tasks ready before the young person arrives to ensure you’re making the most of their time and that the tasks will benefit the wider teams. Expose them to as many as possible and go through their work with them. An exit lunch or meeting can benefit both parties.
Growing talent is a key strategy for Nails Inc, which is why it should be thought about from the top down. I work closely with work experience candidates. It’s an investment of time, but it pays for itself in the insights and infectious enthusiasm of those just starting out. Ensure this commitment is reflected throughout your business including working with work experience candidates as part of staff evaluation. I understand that the idea of offering work experience can feel like a distraction from everyday business. But for me, the benefits of work experience can outweigh any negative. Not only will you be doing your part to help the next generation, but you could learn ways of unlocking growth for your business.

Thea Green, founder and CEO, Nails, Inc.   Source: HR Magazine

Competency Modeling

 Steve Whiddett and Sarah Hollyforde, co-authors of our Competencies Toolkit, argue that:
‘Many organizations develop a competency/behavior framework with a view to managing performance and progression more effectively. However, many managers and individuals find it hard to use the frameworks to help achieve their goals and, therefore, the goals of the organization.’

The most common reasons for this are that people do not see the benefit of the framework and are not trained adequately; there are no clear links to what the business is aiming to achieve; and many frameworks are a mix of different concepts, which makes them unwieldy.
The authors suggest the following simple steps to check whether a competency framework is fit for purpose:
1.       Communicate the purpose – The first step is to find out if employees understand what the purpose is. If they don’t understand how behaviors contribute to personal and organizational success, there is little point in updating or developing the framework.
2.       Identify key themes – Even if staff is clear about the purpose of the framework, it still needs   the organization’s aspirations (goals, values, business plans, and so on). If people aren’t all working towards these aspirations then some individual efforts are likely to be diversions from organizational success.
3.       Get conditions right – The organization’s procedures need to support the framework, and the culture, resourcing and management structures must be supportive too. if conditions inhibit behaviors then change the conditions or change the behaviors.
4.       Tackle the root cause –behavior is also influenced by underpinning characteristics (knowledge, skills and attitude). One underdeveloped characteristic, such as communication skills, can affect much different behavior. If managers don’t understand this distinction they may focus on trying to improve the behavior without tackling the root cause.

5.       Keep it simple – There are two key elements to ease of use – language and structure. However ‘perfect’ the framework, if it’s too complicated, long or detailed it won’t be used. The language has to be meaningful to the people who use it. Train, don’t blame – Once the structure has been tidied up, make sure that everyone who uses the framework is trained in how to use it. A framework is a tool and, as with any tool, if users don’t know how to use it, it will fall into disuse or fail to meet its full potential

Unemployment in Egypt

“Recruiting the finest will only lead to success”, a say that many companies might have forgotten. Recently finding a company that can deliver qualified and well trained employees has became tough and tougher. How legit is the recruiting agency that you are interviewing? How trained are the candidates they offer? What tools did they use to get you the qualified employees?

Most companies use the old routine in selecting their employees, wasting a lot of time and energy in finding and training them.  despite hiring a the wrong recruiting company might lead to:, Wasting your time, Limited Number of Jobs due to lack of resources, Restrictive Guidelines, Lack of Attention, The Cost of Recruiting and Communication Issues.

With that being said, Egypt’s unemployment rate climbed 0.7 percent reaching 13.3 percent of the country’s total labor force, according to the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS). According to CAPMAS the number of working Egyptians reached 23.6 million, with the total labor force registering 27.2 millions.

 Never the less fine Recruiting agencies are available to make sure that qualified and trained employees are working for the contracted company. One of the most trusted Human capital organizations is JOBMASTER Group.

Established in 1995, JOBMASTER accelerated growth into becoming one of the leading HumanCapital Solutions providers in the MENA region by gaining rapid praise from enhanced knowledge and accumulated practical experience in the Human Resources field. Founded by a group of young entrepreneurs, JOBMASTER initially started as a pioneering recruitment firm serving the Egyptian market from entry to executive levels; promising to provide high quality tailored services to clients ensures permanent delivery of expert, and high quality services on a regional basis.

 JOBMASTER Team can present the highest quality Human Capital services, while providing premier level of professionalism. This is done by maintaining a careful eye on the human resources market updates and best practices, offering variety of vacancies in Egypt, Jobs in Egypt and many Employment fairs held all over the year; Were they could reach as many candidates as possible.

Recruiting agencies with reputation like JOBMASTER and others could influence the employment rate of Egypt, as with the human intellect they have, and with the wide Data base of employers they possess, they could solve a lot problems that governmental and private sector have. Imagine if most companies headed towards using qualified recruiting agencies, promising quality employers that will make the job done. The work flow of each organization using such system will be always is a positive boom. Having the resources, heart, team and cooperation will always lead to victory and domination of your market. 

The Importance of Employment Fairs

Nowadays Employment Fairs is one of the most trusted ways to get employed; as the sequence and the demand of students to apply for jobs is higher and higher each year. Employment fairs are opportunities for students to go ahead and present there C.V’s for more than 50 companies at the same time. It is also a good way for companies to present themselves as a way of publicity and promotion.

Attending a job fair allows you to meet with employers at a convenient location, usually a large hotel or conference center. Attending a job fair will give you the chance to meet with representatives from a variety of companies – like “one stop shopping” at the mall. The company representatives will provide information about general career opportunities as well as specific details on current openings.
·         Wear comfortable shoes 
·         Dress Professionally
·         Bring Resumes 
·         Prepare a “one minute commercial” 
·         Be prepared to discuss your career goals 
·         Arrive early
·         Be assertive and show initiative
·         Be enthusiastic
·         Remain calm
·         Explore options 

JOBMASTER Group is one of the leading companies in organizing Employment Fairs, with minimum of 5 a year. With such number they provide their role in helping students find their future jobs, and to help their corporate clients’ find what they are looking for. Employment fairs are a very important way to know what you could have after you finish university and see the options available in the market. What are you waiting for? Log in to www.jobmastergroup.com and know the first Employment fair to start working. JOBMASTER EMPOWERING YOU!!!! 

The Benefits of outsourcing

In business, outsourcing is the contracting out of a business process to a third-party, it involves transferring employees and assets from one firm to another. Outsourcing has its various benefits if used wisely by organizations. As when a company outsource they leave the hassles of finding employees that will help them achieve their organizational goals and objective. Egypt now lack modern practices that will help evolve our nation. Although many successful organizations acquire such methods and those who now dominate the Egyptian market

Why Outsource?

There are many reasons for such question, as outsourcing 

·         Control IT Costs
·         Reduce Labor Costs
·         Trained, Experienced, Qualified, Certified.
·         Qualified doesn’t Equal Experienced
·         Increase Efficiency and Competitiveness 
·         Quickly Implement New Technology
·         Stay Focused on Your Core Business
·         Reduce risk 
·         Level the Playing Field
·         Compliance and Security

There are many outsourcing companies in Egypt; one of the finest is JOBMASTER Group. Now I say finest due to only one reason which is the quality of their corporate clients; such as Mobinil, Vodafone, Etisalat, P&G, Nestle, and many more in Egypt and the Middle East. JOBMASTER Human Capital Solution’s involvement as an HR consultant firm varies according to the clients’ needs. Over the long term the clients might request to act on behalf of a department, or to be responsible for a certain HR function such as Recruitment, HR Operations or Compensation and Benefits (Payroll). Accordingly, the clients’ needs may require that they investigate and examine the situation and provide a set of recommendations that are to be implemented by JOBMASTER.

Now you can realize that Outsourcing is like a pain killer for a strong headache a company is having, as its main purpose is to allow a better environment with qualified intellect that will make the company only focus on the core of the business. We must change our methodologies and start applying new, modern and effective ones that will help us evolve our country and make it a better place.

JOBMASTER ….. Empowering You !!!!!!!!!!!!!!