Competency Modeling Frameworks

As a service provider to the human resource (HR) profession, JOBMASTER  is committed to empowering HR professionals with the proper tools and resources needed to succeed.

Competence Models Importance   

With more than 275,000 members in over 160 countries, the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) recognizes that successful HR professionals use both experBlog-01tise and experience to carry out organizational strategy and to achieve organizational goals. To accomplish these duties, HR professionals must develop and use their functional and leadership competencies.

Competency model is designed to serve as a resource and key component for HR professionals in various human resource functions such as recruitment and hiring, training and development, and performance management.

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) conducted a survey of HR professionals to learn more about what human capital issues and challenges they think will be the most important in shaping the workplace and the HR profession in the coming decade. One of the survey questions was “To Make HR More Strategic, What Are the Key Actions Your Organization Is Currently Taking and Should Take in the Next 10 years?” Developing competencies is seen as a second key aspect in making HR more strategic now and in the next 10 years.

Are you ready to build your competency model and make your HR more strategic?

Deepen your Expertise and Skills  

The workshop will provide you with diverse experience. It is designed to deepen your knowledge about the competency modeling frameworks, to deliver practical expertise of it, and to assist you in actually building a competency model.

Why competency Model?                                                                                              

Competency model has several benefits and winning partners, one of which the individual/employee. According to the survey of HR professionals conducted by (SHRM) when asked about the tactics they believe are most effective in attracting, retaining and rewarding the best employees in organizations, they believe that having clear job purpose will attract, satisfy, and retain employees.


When employees are aware of their competencies – observable abilities, skills, knowledge defined in terms of the behaviors needed for successful job performance – performance expectations become clear and their achievements will support the organizational goals. Let’s discover more of the winning partners in the coming workshop!

Workshop Overview   

Blog-06The workshop will highlight on the “Competency-based HR management” which is a human resources management approach that standardizes and integrates all HR activities based on competencies that support organizational goals. When created correctly, it is important to be applied on other functions as it acts as a base for performance management, succession planning, and others.

Because we practically approach the topic, you will get to know why do some competency modeling projects fail and the challenges you may face in building and applying your competency model.

Building your competency Model    Blog-04

Like a builder, you will be supported with the tools and the resources needed to build your competency model along with the know-how.

Throughout the workshop you will get to know how to draw the model; its components, types of competencies needed to layer your model, number of competencies per position, the criteria of selectingmthe competencies, and the sources for variety of competencies.

And throughout the workshop you go through a process that takes you step by step to in the route of creating a competency model.

Sounds tough… No… There is always room for play while learning!

Experiential learning

Because we believe that learning comes by doing, we decided to make your learning experience more distinguished and fruitful.

There will be a board game, a case study with a lot of scenarios that will accompany you during the workshop to practically apply what you have learnt.

And some ice breakers and energizers to maintain an energetic environment.

Keep in mind that your aim out of this workshop is not limited on learning the concept but to “Put competencies in place to make it a business project, not an HR project,” said by Bettina A. Deynes, SHRM-SCP, SHRM’s vice president of HR and diversity during “SHRM Live,” SHRM’s first-ever virtual event on 9th of December.

And remember that the training is not your final target; you need to ask yourself what is next? What is your plan? ..

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