Competency Based Interviews


Why competency based interviews should be in your recruitment toolkit?

Have you ever asked yourself what are the reasons behind your employee turnover level? … Some say it is due to failure to retain employees and others say it is due to bad hiring.

Let’s have a look on some statistical insights:

Gear-01 of employee turnover is due to bad hiring decisions. (Harvard Business Review)

Gear-02 of employers said they experienced negative effects of bad hires in 2012. Of these employers,

Blog-03                   Blog-06



National Business Research Institute

Gear-01 The average cost of a bad hiring decision equals to 30% of the individual’s first-year potential earnings.

US Department of Labor & Statistics

Does this ring a bell and ask for a quick and correct action?


Worth the work

Bad hires can cause a lot of problems and cost your company time, money, and other resources as shown in the statistical data; therefore you need to re-visit your recruitment tools immediately to minimize and eliminate bad hiring losses.

There are a lot of published research articles, books, and courses aimed to enlighten the importance of competency based interviews. As a busy human resource practitioner you may not have the time to read them all, synthesize their recommendations, and translate them into usable practices to improve retention. That’s why JOBMASTER prepared this workshop—to summarize the latest research findings on competency based interviews and put those findings into action by actually practicing real life interviews.


The key to better hiring is to focus on competencies               rather than credentials

You may have been recruiting employees with the right degrees and experience, yet you may surprisingly sense that they do not fit with the organization and/or the job. Clearly something is missing. You need to get beyond candidates credentials to gauge which candidates were truly capable of doing the work the positions required. Hence, you need to implement a system to define and measure which employees possessed the competencies needed for specific roles.

Do you consider assessing candidates’ competencies in the interviews?  .. No worries, our CBI workshop will assist you develop competency based interviews and help you conducting them.

Workshop overviewBlog-11

The workshop will enrich your knowledge and skills in conducting competency interviews. It brings you a combination of the theory, best practices and an actual interviewing experience in one place.

It will assist you understanding the nature of a competency that clusters all the related measurable abilities, skills, knowledge, expertise, commitments, and personality traits that enable a person to act or perform successfully in a job or situation within an organization. Understanding competencies plays a vital role in affecting and forming the base for other HR functions other than the recruitment.

You will get to know all the assessment tools you will need to include in your recruitment toolkit. During the workshop you will deepen your experience and skills on, first, the basic interview process that you should go through in any type of interview. And second on how to start and end your competency based recruitment process from preparing for the interview to closing and assessing the candidates’ competencies.

Learn more about these two processes and how they differ from each other during our coming workshop…

Putting knowledge into practiceBlog-12

Having doubts on the applicability of the learnt tools and practices when they are placed in action?

Because we always believe that learning comes by practice, we prepared a real life set up for a competency based interview scene where you are one of its players. You will have the opportunity to play different roles in the interview.  Giving you the chance to gain a more comprehensive experience about how to run real competency based interview where you can observe and analyze the interview from different perspectives from each role you had played.

During this practice, you will be supported by JOBMASTER expert consultants who will assist you and provide you with feedback on the spot.

You should always note that the key for your organization’s success lies in your hands. The bad hires key is in the hands of your recruiters. And as a result, the workshop provides your recruiters with the opportunity to minimize hiring mistakes.

And remember that the training is not your final destination; you need to ask yourself what is next? What is your plan? …

To join our next round of CBI Workshop this March, Contact us now at


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