Pay & Benefits: A Snapshot Amongst Uncertainty

Organisations in Egypt are facing high inflation and an intense war for talent resulting in large pay variances. The geopolitical uncertainty and unclear economic direction left local businesses struggling to retain top talent.

Many clients from different industries including; Cement, Steel Manufacturing, Medical Supply, and Real Estate Management & Development who are seeking to grow quickly, both domestically and regionally, suffered from talent shortage in the ocean of unemployment. The clients approached JOBMASTER to help in revisiting the salary plans in response to the decreased revenues and increased cost pressures. JOBMASTER partnered with the clients to improve productivity through workforce planning, good performance management processes focusing on variable pay, investment in skills development programs and increased employee engagement and organization structuring on different managerial levels.


Talent Management Model

Talent Management Model does not differ much from football; the concepts are pretty much one and the same. A football coach usually monitors random matches in order to identify the best player in the field, but what constitutes ‘the best?’ Well, it all comes down to whether or not the player has potential in terms of talent and passion, such that, one day, they may become the coach themselves.

Thanks to the work of HR Professionals, talent management model has been broken down into easy-to-understand concepts: Identify, Develop, and Sustain your talents. JOBMASTER’s Consultants can take you through all these phases, from recognizing your potentials to nourishing this Talent professionally.

  • In the identification phase, in order to identify any potential talent, firstly, you should consider the technical and non technical competences of the candidates before they are included in the talent pool.
  • This is to be followed with the talent analysis. Filtered candidates are mapped on the talent matrix comparing performance, assessment outcomes and potentiality to finalize the individuals in the talent pool.
  • During the development of talent, the candidate will have a Personal Development Plan (PDP) in order to capitalize on all available development tools.
  • In the Implementation and Monitoring phase, the PDP is implemented. Each stakeholder performs the role outlined in the previous phase.
  • And finally, an evaluation is of the candidate’s commitment and progress is reviewed to determine whether he/she will remain in the pool for the next cycle or will be excluded.

Applying the Talent Management Model, helps you understand your employees better, as you become more insightful about their development needs, career aspirations, strengths and weaknesses, abilities, likes and dislikes. It is therefore, easier to determine what motivates whom and this helps a lot in the job enrichment process.

Have the competitive edge of knowing your employees better!

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Hire Like Google And Facebook: Competency Based Interview Probe Your Candidates Beyond Their Technical Ability

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Hire Like Google And Facebook:

Competency Based Interview Probe Your Candidates Beyond Their Technical Ability

In a recent New York Times interview with Laszlo Bock – the Vice President for People Operations at Google – Laszlo said that GPAs and test scores are worthless criteria for hiring and that almost 14 percent of some Google teams consist of people without any college education. While good grades don’t hurt and specialized skill sets are required for many jobs, there are some hiring attributes – or what we call 21st century skills – that make prospective employees more desirable to employers all over the world: leadership, personal and intellectual humility, the ability to attribute some purpose to your work, and the ability to take ownership of the task at hand. Bock mused that while you can train new employees for many technical abilities, a candidate without these personal characteristics was a non-starter.

This information makes us wonder how companies like Facebook and Google probe for the skills they look for and hire the talent profiles they need?, as the 21st century skills are very difficult to assess, and very difficult to reduce these skills into discrete qualifications and quantifiable metrics in the same way we assess recognized degrees and numerical grades. It’s clear that we need 21st century methods to assess 21st century skills.

Well structured competency based interviews are among the most commonly used style of interviews nowadays. Employers all over the world use competency based interviewing to evaluate a candidate’s level of competence across the key competencies of the role: can a candidate think innovatively? Collaborate with other team members? Assimilate feedback and coaching? Will the candidate be adaptable to new environments and successfully integrate with teams?

Competency based interviews can predict employee performance on the job by providing the employer with certain selection tools and procedures; These tools can be tailored to a particular job in a particular organization, and are statistically calibrated to provide reliable predictive results (i.e., candidates who score highly on these tests also tend to perform well after they’re hired). Also the probing for  21st century skills provide an extremely valuable lens through which companies can define what to teach and not teach a new hire on the job.

We’d like to hear about your experiences hiring for 21st century skills.


Your First Interview

Jobs In Egypt

Going to your first interview might be the hardest thing that you have to do. The anxiety of what will happen, how the conversation will go, what could be done to break the ice. Moreover an interview is mainly a character test. The interviewer would want to know how you would react on a certain moment. Everything count, your body language, how fast did you answer and even how smart you are in impressing the person sitting across the room.

Attending many interviews is a way of gaining experience as by the 5th one you would know how it goes and also how you could react in many situations. JOBMASTER group are experts in making you look good in your interview, avoiding many hassles that you could face, making sure that most importantly you are at the correct interview, a place where your dreams could come true. With each silly mistake done in an interview experience points are gained. Each mistake done will not happen again as “fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.”

Please share the mistakes that you did in an interview before and how you overcame it. Also any awkward situations happened in an interview that now seems funny for you.

JOBMASTER Group…. Empowering you!!!!