Unique characteristics of JOBMASTER’s Assessment Center

JOBMASTER worked with one of the largest commercial Banks in Egypt to assess and develop a comprehensive leadership development program that will help promote their employees to the vacant branch manager positions. Unlike most cases where the focus is on hiring consultants to do the work, this unique opportunity was about JOBMASTER giving the HR team stretch assignments and supporting them along their way to develop into internal consultants.

In the initial phase, JOBMASTER discussed with the client about what it would take to make this special collaboration a success. We agreed that despite the extra efforts that HR will need to pay, utilizing their internal capacity would bring greater impact because HR is in a better position to communicate with business leaders and to truly become a business-partner.

JOBMASTER used a step-by-step approach over the course of four months to help the HR team to design and organize their own development center, and to cater their specific selection needs. Our Assessment Center helped the client to identify the candidates who fit with the job role as well as their corporate culture, values and vision from a pole of 2500 applicants.